Moonstake is a cryptocurrency staking pool provider.


Creative Lead


Creative Lead
UX Manager
UX Designer


UX Manager


Product Designer
QA Tester



Client wanted to launch a new staking pool platform on web and also a mobile app, with network marketing features. Client also required the design and development of the brand, marketing website and admin tool.

As Creative Lead, worked with an marketing agency to develop the brand. Managed and led the in-house design team with the design of the web app (1 Sr. UX designer, 1 UX designer), mobile app(1 UX designer) and marketing website (1 Visual designer). Designed the admin tool on my own. Had to balance workload by managing multiple projects, and also by being a hands-on product designer .



To design and develop a new brand and staking platform, which is easy to track earnings and redeem rewards. To also provide users with additional opportunities to earn income through network marketing.


Big challenge with this project was that, my employer was going through restructuring, and the creative team was less than half of what it used to be and management was pushing for a speedy delivery of multiple products at the same time. Our team had experience with designing blockchain wallets, but for both the creative team and development team, staking was a new technology to learn.


Our team originally started the project using Sketch, but quickly made the jump to Adobe Xd as it offered collaborative work. And we were able to speed up the design and development process by creating a pattern library for the web app. As for the mobile app, we were limited with what we could update the UI elements, as we reused much of the source code from a previous wallet app project. 


Selected Works

Übank 2.0Neobank mobile app.

FE OnlineMobile app to apply and manage consumer loans.

Moonstake: Operator ToolBackend admin portal for staking and network marketing platform.

Asia Blockchain ReviewNews website focused on Asian blockchain market.

Alta WalletCryptocurrency wallet for mobile and desktop.


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