Moonstake: Operator Tool


Product Designer
QA Tester


2019 (1 month)

Moonstake is a cryptocurrency staking platform with a networking marketing feature. While managing a small team of 4 designers, to design the responsive web staking platform, mobile staking app and marketing website, I took on the challenge to design the backend operator tool, which would manage the staked coins/tokens, membership status, referral system and commission payouts in one month.


The Goal

  • Deliver functional product in the shorteset amount of time possible
  • Create membership management system with commission pay out and referral schemes
  • Manage staking pool fees
  • Permit customization of all settings


 To ensure quick delivery, I worked directly with pending operators to flush out their requirements, and pushed management to utilize CoreUI, an open-source UI component library to significantly reduce development time.


This backend operator tool successfully launched in less than two-months from the date the design request was made. And surprisingly, the back-end feature which I innocently added, the ability to add and edit automated email templates was a hit with operations.

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